EasyHMIS provides a comprehensive package for managing the end to end operations of any Hospital. The solution framework supports In-Patient and Out-Patient administration from a clinical healthcare point of view to also enabling administrative functions of any hospital i.e Accounting, Order Management, HR & Payroll and Inventory Management. All of the above can be done through an easy to use and very intuitive web interface that seamlessly allows the user to log in just once and use all the different applications to perform his/her tasks.
EasyHMIS can be configured to be setup on the cloud or as an ‘on premise’ solution depending on the hospital requirements.
EasyHMIS enables and enhances a hospital’s operation as follows:

          I. Administrative Perspective

                  Decision Making Resource Utilization
                  Strategic Planning
                  Waiting Time
                  Medical Audit

          II. Doctor’s Perspective

                 Cost Reduction
                 Reduce Time of Stay per patient
                 Effective Referral System
                 Continuity of Patient Care
                 Better Diagnosis & Follow up.