Medical Records Management


From both the clinical and legal standpoints there is a need for retrieval of medical records efficiently and effectively. As per legal regulations it is necessary to maintain medical records for 10 years. The ability to archive and retrieve manual medical records in a reasonable amount of time is a challenge faced by many medical records departments in hospitals. Then there is the additional problem of ‘real estate’ for storing the manual medical records in hospitals where ‘real estate’ is at a premium. From the standpoint of physicians it is imperative that have access to medical records of their patients to ensure quality health care delivery and continuity of care.

We provides an automated process to accept medical records from medical records department and process them. The physical medical records are cleaned taking into consideration torn pages, smudges, wrinkles etc. and scanned. The scanned records are then bookmarked to segregate the medical record into various sections. If the hospital is using software for managing Inpatient Admissions, Discharge and Transfer transactions, it is possible to integrate the data captured with the medical records management.