SME Business Mantra


SME Business Mantra
is an integrated business solution built on a powerful Java based Platform that gives you the capabilities to IT enable your business, very rapidly at a marginal cost compared to most other products. Use Business Mantra business solutions software to automate all of your financial, distribution, sales and service processes... quickly, affordably and easily.

SME Business Mantra provides a unified stack in a hosted model or Software as a Service (SaaS) and helps address the three key challenges that an SMB faces today:
  • Burden of managing multiple vendors as well as technologies and platform.
  • Overhead of managing the infrastructure and software maintenance services.
  • High Cost of the regular commercial products from different vendors

SME Business Mantra – Capabilities

The SME Business Mantra product is based on SOA. This enables ready transformation to SaaS. The USP of this product/platform are mentioned below:

  • Single Unified Service Offering to any business enterprise for all its front office and back office operations.
  • Minimum integration challenges across different services within the stack (CRM, ERP, HR etc) as the architecture is SOA based.
  • No overhead of infrastructure management or managed services.
  • Easily scalable for any number of users.
  • Easily scalable for additional business processes to be plugged onto the portal in a non-intrusive manner by any third party as well.